Are You an Athlete Recovering From ACL Surgery?

Learn all the information you need to safely return to sport and perform at a high level!

After you tear your ACL, having a successful ACL surgery is only the first step. You also need to nail your ACL rehab to not only get back on the field or court, reduce your risk of re-injury, and ultimately perform at a high level.

But what are the keys to a successful ACL rehab?

What exercises should you do? How quickly can you run? How do you know when you are ready to return to practice and games?


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What You Need to Know to Return to Your Sport and Play at a High Level!

Recovering from ACL injury can be confusing, scary and overwhelming. There is a lot of information on the internet, from your doctor, or maybe a teammate that previously recovered. 

Many athletes and families we see at our office still have questions. They are uncertain about what they should be doing and when. 

Many physical therapists work with general patients to help them recover from typical orthopedic surgery.  But there are very few performance physical therapists that specialize in not only post-op ACL rehab, but ACL rehab in athletes.

Our staff has over 15 years of experience working with NCAA D1 and professional athletes. We work with over 20 competitive athletes each year as they recover from ACL injury.  We have presented at regional conferences educating other physical therapists, strength coaches and athletic trainers surrounding ACL rehab. 

Now we have developed an online course for you, to help provide you with the latest, evidence based information to help you not just recover from your ACL injury, but return-to-play at a high level. 

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What You'll Learn


Section 1: Start with the basics

Simple but not easy. 

The first 16 weeks of your ACL rehab seem relatively simple. The exercises are not that complex, and the milestones are small. 

But, it is critically important to to get the basics right in this stage to set you up for success in later stages of the ACL rehab process. 

We will cover exercises you should be doing, common restrictions and precautions. We will also layout the specific goals you need to hit by the end of this phase to move forward safely.

Section 2: Recover Your Horsepower

From roughly 16 weeks until 28 weeks we are focused on rebuilding your strength, power and speed.

We will cover what you should be doing in the gym, in rehab on on the field or court to start rebuilding your athleticism and conditioning.

We will layout the specific goals you need to hit by the end of this phase to start progressing back to your sport.


Section 3: Sport Specific Progressions 

Once you've mastered the basics and restored your basic athleticism, it is time to get sport specific. 

We will layout how we approach sport specific rehab in the clinic and how you can safely progress back into individual sport specic skill work, practice progressions and ultimately competition. 

We will layout recommendations on specific metrics that you need to hit at each stage of the return-to-sport process so that you minimize your risk of reinjury at this stage of your rehab.

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Meet Your Presenter: Dr. Brett Ferstl, PT, DPT, CSCS

Brett has been a performance physical therapist at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance for the past 3 years.  In his time at Kinetic he has taken over our post-op ACL program, helps manage our biomechanics lab and coordinates the student education program.

Brett has helped support local athletes return to competition in high school and college basketball, high school football, high school and college volleyball, and high school and college soccer.  

In addition to his hands on experience working with athletes at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance each day, Brett has taken over 50 hours of continuing education course work specific to ACL rehab and return to play. He prides himself on being up to date on the latest medical research and emerging trends in the ACL rehabilitation field.

Last year, Brett was honored to be asked to present at the Great Lakes Strength and Conditioning Conference, sharing his approach to ACL rehab to several hundred strength and conditioning coaches from the midwest region.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

Hear From Athletes We've Helped


College Baseball Player

Choosing to go with Kinetic for my rehab and return to sport protocol after my knee injury was the best decision I made in my process to getting back to the athlete I was, and becoming a better one during the process. Highly recommend this team of highly knowledgeable and caring people. They truly do want the best for their patients.


College Soccer Player

I worked with Kinetic in rehabbing a knee injury I suffered while playing soccer. I was thrilled with my experience working with Kinetic  and highly recommend their service for anyone searching for PT. They have access to best-in-class tools allowing for quantitative measurement of progress as well as experience and expertise with athletes across a variety of sports. Not only do I feel confident that I'll be returning to my sport with my knee at 100%, but it is likely that my time spent with them transformed me into a better athlete than I was even before my injury.


High School Soccer Coach

Support from Dr. Brett and the Kinetic team from day 1 of my ACL/Meniscus injury has been incredible. His passion for strength, movement and ACL rehab paired with his ability to connect and teach were instrumental in my first few months after injury and surgery. Every injury/person is different and this group will provide a tailored recipe for success to get you back, better than you started.

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Whether you are just getting started on your ACL journey or are further along in your rehab learn what you should be doing at each stage of your rehab, and how you know when your ready to progress.