Are You an Athlete Who Just Tore Their ACL?

First off, we are sorry.  News of this injury is devastating.  We won't sugar coat it, ACL rehab sucks.  It is long, it is painful and often tedious. 

But this time can also be an opportunity to improve as an athlete and overcome adversity.

But right now you have questions. 
Do I need surgery?
What questions should I ask my surgeon?
How do I find a physical therapist that specializes in this rehab?
What graft choice is best?
My meniscus, is also hurt, is that important?
When can I play?
What can I be doing right now before surgery?


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What You Need to Know After An ACL Injury!

Injuring your ACL can be confusing, scary and overwhelming. There is a lot of information on the internet, from your doctor, or maybe a teammate that previously dealt with this injury. 

Many athletes and families we see at our office have questions. They are uncertain about what they should be doing and when. They are searching for:

  • The right doctor
  • The right graft
  • The right place to rehab
  • The correct time to have surgery
  • What they can be doing right now to get ready for surgery

Many physical therapists work with general patients to help them recover from typical orthopedic surgery.  But there are very few performance physical therapists that specialize in not only post-op ACL rehab, but ACL rehab in athletes.

Our staff has over 15 years of experience working with NCAA D1 and professional athletes. We work with over 20 competitive athletes each year as they recover from ACL injury.  We have presented at regional conferences educating other physical therapists, strength coaches and athletic trainers surrounding ACL rehab. 

Now we have developed an online course for you, to help provide you with the latest, evidence based information to help you after your ACL injury.  We will provide you resources, answers to common questions and questions you should ask your doctor.

We will also share a common "prehab" routine that we will use with athletes while they are waiting for their surgery date.

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What You'll Learn


Section 1: Resources and Overview


Right now, you are trying to build your "ACL Dream Team." We provide your resources:

  • Questions to ask you doctor
  • How to find a physical therapist that specializes in ACL rehab
  • Information on common surgical timeframes and goals

We also layout the big picture of ACL rehab. Statistics on outcomes, current evidence on return-to-play timeframes and information on key elements to your ACL journey.


Section 2: Pre-Surgical Questions

Right now you have questions, lots and lots of questions:

  • When should I have surgery?
  • Which graft should I choose for my ACL reconstruction?
  • How long until I can walk after surgery?
  • When can I drive after surgery?
  • What does it mean if my meniscus is torn?

And so many more. 

While we do give the disclaimer that every surgery and athlete is different, we do our best to provide you answers to the most common questions we get from athletes in our office.


Section 3: What Can You Be Doing Right Now

The timeframe between when you tore your ACL and when you have surgery is really important. There is emerging medical evidence that shows improved post-operative outcomes with a structured "pre-hab" program before surgery.

We layout an example program that we use commonly in the pre-operative phase and specific goals that you need to accomplish before surgery.

This module is highly actionable and will give you things you can use TODAY to improve your long term outcomes. 


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Meet Your Presenter: Dr. Michael Falk, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Michael is the founder of Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance and a performance physical therapist that has helped over 50 high school, college and professional athletes return to performance from ACL injury. 

Prior to opening Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance Michael was a member of the Green Bay Packers sports medicine staff. He saw the care, the technology, and the model of performance based rehab at the highest level. When he decided to open Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance, his mission was to bring that high level sports medicine model to local high school and college athletes. 

In addition to his role at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance, Michael is also an adjunct faculty member at Marquette Univeristy's Physical Therapy Program, teaching a specialty sports elective to the next generation of physical therapists.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Don't Just Take Our Word For It:

Hear From Athletes We've Helped


College Baseball Player

Choosing to go with Kinetic for my rehab and return to sport protocol after my knee injury was the best decision I made in my process to getting back to the athlete I was, and becoming a better one during the process. Highly recommend this team of highly knowledgeable and caring people. They truly do want the best for their patients.


College Soccer Player

I worked with Kinetic in rehabbing a knee injury I suffered while playing soccer. I was thrilled with my experience working with Kinetic  and highly recommend their service for anyone searching for PT. They have access to best-in-class tools allowing for quantitative measurement of progress as well as experience and expertise with athletes across a variety of sports. Not only do I feel confident that I'll be returning to my sport with my knee at 100%, but it is likely that my time spent with them transformed me into a better athlete than I was even before my injury.


High School Soccer Coach

Support from Dr. Brett and the Kinetic team from day 1 of my ACL/Meniscus injury has been incredible. His passion for strength, movement and ACL rehab paired with his ability to connect and teach were instrumental in my first few months after injury and surgery. Every injury/person is different and this group will provide a tailored recipe for success to get you back, better than you started.

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Let us help answer all of your questions, and give you the knowledge you need to advocate for yourself, and make good decisions early in the ACL recovery process to set yourself up for a succesful outcome!